Puppy Care

Puppy Care Testimonials

“I've been using busy bee critter service for a couple years now to look after my German shepherd Molly Montana. I've used the walking service, group dog walks, and even the house sitting/ overnight service. I only have positive things to say about busy bee critter sitters. They take care of Molly when I need them the most. For a guy who goes away for work often I'm never worried when I walk out the door that my dog is going to be walked, fed and given water, and given attention. Busy bee accommodates my busy schedule on the go and I wouldn't know who to call for the services they provide if they weren't around. I'm sure I could find an alternative but not one I could depend on with peace of mind to look after your house and more importantly your pet or in my case a part of your family. I highly recommend busy bee for any service they provide. Thanks again for looking after Molly ”


Hudson & Jasmine
“With being a single professional who works a variable shift work schedule,I am extremely thankful for the Busy Bee Critter Sitter's team who look after my two very energetic youthful dogs. I let team know this every time they come to look after Hudson and Jasmine in the updating notes I leave for them. They in kind return with a note letting me know what these two little monkeys have been up too. It is mostly good but when accidents do happen or when one of the kids gets a little too rowdy and get into things that they shouldn't the girls are great in solving/cleaning up the problem. The girls who come in and walk the dogs throughout the day I am away are very energetic and compassionate about the wellbeing of my dogs. They even work with some of the dogs bad habits or should I say mine. One thing that I really notice is that the girls who walk my dogs do keep in touch with the other girls who would be walking my dogs that day. This is a great team work quality. So to the team; Alyssa, Melanie and Courtney, thank you! Yes, Hudson and Jasmine really enjoy the girls company as well and they thank you but you girls know that. :)”


Sam & Cooper
“I work a variety of 12-hour shifts and I was looking for someone to walk my Great Dane when I work day shifts. Busy Bee staff came to my home and met Sam, and helped me decide which services would best suit him. Since then, Sam has thoroughly enjoyed his long, off-leash walks with his pals when I am at work all day. We recently added to our family with a German Shepherd puppy. Once again, Busy Bee staff worked with me (and Sam!) to ensure that little Cooper integrated into our routine as seamlessly as a puppy can, adapting walking/playing services to best suit Cooper's needs. It's clear that Busy Bee staff care for each dog as they would their own, and make every effort to keep training consistent. I would highly recommend their services!”


“Busybee is the best. I totally trust them with our dog. You can tell the difference in his behaviour when he gets his playtime with his friends. I recommend "Busy bee critter sitters " to anyone that has a pet they love.”


“We began using Busy Bee Critter Sitter in July 2013, and could not be happier! Our puppy Howie is a St. Bernard, Bull Mastiff cross (weighing in at 100 lb at 8 months!) but the staff at Busy Bees were not at all put off by his size, and have been so patient with him while he adjusts to his quick size growth and discovers the world around him. We love the photo updates we get of their visit- its a real treat to get mid day while you are at work, and Howie always looks so happy and content in the photos. We can not say enough good things about Busy Bee Critter Sitters and the level of care they provide for our pet. We would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to know their pet is in good hands!”


Sadie & Tucker
“We are so blessed to have found Busy Bee's team to walk our dogs daily. We have had them just over a year, and they are wonderful! Nina, Eleanor and their team treat our dogs as they would their own. We love the daily notes to let us know what the pups are up to, how their days were, who they met and of course if there are any concerns or questions. If we ever have questions or special requests, they're always so fast to get back to us. Any time they add a new team member, we get an introduction and it's always a seamless transition. The biggest fear for anyone is trust. This is a team of strangers you let into your home and as many do-we consider our dogs family (kids) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this team to anyone. They are professional and caring and love what they do-- and it shows! I actually recently needed to make an unexpected trip home one day and got there just before our walker got there. Usually my little Wheaton is my 'shadow' and follows me everywhere, but she was super excited to see the dog walker come to the door and was jumping and excited to go with them. What a great comfort that is to know when you're not there to see, that our dogs love these guys! Thanks so much Busy Bees for all you do!”


“Scooby Doo is our first family dog, and he's very special to us. Right away he felt comfortable with his walkers, and they did a great job teaching him to walk properly on his leash, and introducing him to his buddies in group walks. He's a great dog, thanks Busy Bee folks (Jo, Eleanor, and Nina) and your pups!! We are away all day at work, and he is a happy pup when we get home!”