Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Testimonials

Scooter & Jasper
“We have been customers of Busy Bee for a number of years, and we have never spent a single moment worrying about our cats while Nina and Eleanor were pet sitting for us. They are dependable, efficient, and thorough (they brush our cats’ teeth when I can’t be there to do it!); they are true animal lovers, and it shows in the care they take. We love that they email us updates with pictures every day we are away so that we know our cats are happy and healthy! We give Busy Bee a solid 5 stars out of 5.”

Tim & April

Sam & Busy
“We couldn’t be happier with the service that Busy Bee provides! Whenever we have to go away – whether it be for a day or two over the weekend or for a week long vacation, we are confident that our pets will be in great hands with Busy Bee. The updates that they send after each visit put our minds at ease about our pets’ wellbeing in our absence, and our animals are always in good spirits when we return. Even Sam, who is a rescue and sometimes has difficulty with new people, loves his Busy Bee visits. We highly recommend their services!”


“I always feel extremely comfortable leaving Clemy in the care of Busy Bee Critter Sitters. It is so nice to come home to find Clemy her usual self, relaxed and happy. Nina, Eleanor and staff are professional and caring - I would highly recommended their services to others.”


“Robbie, my dog loves Busy Bee Critters and so do I!  I know when I head out of town, and Robbie stays home,  the dog walkers at Busy Bee Critter Sitters will spend quality time with Robbie on her walks. Robbie sometimes  gets cuddle time after her walks, to get the burrs out of her fur!  They always go the extra mile!  And I know when I'm away, the photo and texts keep me informed what Robbie has been up to!  I know Robbie is in great hands with Busy Bee Critter Sitter whenever I head out of town!”


“Busy Bee has been a lifesaver!! Our pet mini pig can be aggressive towards guests and we had difficulty finding someone to visit her….until we found out about Busy Bee! We are so fortunate to have found Busy Bee, and we would recommend their services to everyone!! Our piggy is always well taken care of!!”


Shadow, Emily & Benjamin
“For many years we had a wonderful pet sitter -- we wouldn't leave our cats with anyone else. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to continue pet sitting and so, we began looking for someone to look after our cats when we were away. We went through several pet sitters, and missed the great care that our previous pet sitter had given to our cats. That is, of course, until we found Nina and Eleanor and their wonderful team! Eleanor's and Melanie's care matches that of our previous pet sitter - kind, loving, thorough, and dependable. We love the photos that they send us when we are away. I would recommend Busy Bee to anyone who wants peace of mind that their pets are being well cared for while they are away, either for a short while or for longer holidays away. They offer a wonderful service with kindness and compassion for the furry members of our family. Thank you so much!”


Pippa & Avery
“Many thanks to the Busy Bee Critter Sitters crew for taking such very good care of my cats when I am away. I have complete confidence in Nina and Eleanor and the other sitters. I came to Guelph a few years ago with a geriatric cat (Geordi, who is now gone) whose care I worried about. Finding Busy Bee was an amazing relief. They offered Geordi impeccable care and support and he always seemed to be completely comfortable and stress free during the times I was away. I now have two younger, healthy cats (Avery and Pippa) who also enjoy Busy Bee care. I had to spend an unexpected three-month block of time away from the girls and I always knew they would be well looked-after, loved, cuddled and entertained while I was gone. Busy Bee was flexible and accommodating of my uncertain schedule, picked up additional supplies when needed and provided me with complete peace of mind about how things were going at home. One of the most amazing and innovative services they provide is a picture and update at every visit. It is very reassuring to see (twice a day!) how the pets are doing. Nina and Eleanor also take care of the house plants, mail and general household things that go way above and beyond pet care. I feel very fortunate to have found Busy Bee and I have recommended them to friends who now also use their services. Pippa, Avery and I look forward to our continued great relationship with Busy Bee!”


Mus & Gang
“I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Busy Bee Critter Sitters! I am usually a very worried pet-mommy when I have to travel, but they alleviate most of my stress whenever they watch my animals! They have always been available when I need them, send me emails/pictures to give me daily updates, always leave my apartment exactly as they found it,  and I can tell they truly love taking care of my pets. They run a very professional business, and I recommend them highly!”


Sheldon & Marshall
“It is so nice to have such peace of mind when we are out of town. We know that our little buddies will be very well looked after thanks to Busy Bee. Nina, Eleanor and the team are very professional, prompt, and have such a love for our furry friends! We love the text updates and photos they send! We absolutely recommend their services to anyone who wants to make sure their 4 legged family members are looked after when away from home. Thanks Busy Bee! ”


“From the beginning, dealing with Eleanor was a pleasure--she was very professional and caring, and took the time to find out exactly what our Soda's needs were. We loved the daily pictures and updates, and it was a huge comfort knowing that Soda was being cared for, played with, and cuddled by someone who truly loves animals. Eleanor even took the time to redistribute his toys throughout our house so that he could have fun hunting for them after she left! We are so happy to have found Busy Bee--we can't recommend them enough!”