Dog Walking

Dog Walking Testimonials

“I think BBCS is great. Always willing to fit me in some times at the last minute and Katie loves her walks. I recommend them highly. ”


Sam & Busy
“We couldn’t be happier with the service that Busy Bee provides! Whenever we have to go away – whether it be for a day or two over the weekend or for a week long vacation, we are confident that our pets will be in great hands with Busy Bee. The updates that they send after each visit put our minds at ease about our pets’ wellbeing in our absence, and our animals are always in good spirits when we return. Even Sam, who is a rescue and sometimes has difficulty with new people, loves his Busy Bee visits. We highly recommend their services!”


“I've been using busy bee critter service for a couple years now to look after my German shepherd Molly Montana. I've used the walking service, group dog walks, and even the house sitting/ overnight service. I only have positive things to say about busy bee critter sitters. They take care of Molly when I need them the most. For a guy who goes away for work often I'm never worried when I walk out the door that my dog is going to be walked, fed and given water, and given attention. Busy bee accommodates my busy schedule on the go and I wouldn't know who to call for the services they provide if they weren't around. I'm sure I could find an alternative but not one I could depend on with peace of mind to look after your house and more importantly your pet or in my case a part of your family. I highly recommend busy bee for any service they provide. Thanks again for looking after Molly ”


“Robbie, my dog loves Busy Bee Critters and so do I!  I know when I head out of town, and Robbie stays home,  the dog walkers at Busy Bee Critter Sitters will spend quality time with Robbie on her walks. Robbie sometimes  gets cuddle time after her walks, to get the burrs out of her fur!  They always go the extra mile!  And I know when I'm away, the photo and texts keep me informed what Robbie has been up to!  I know Robbie is in great hands with Busy Bee Critter Sitter whenever I head out of town!”


“I was so lucky to have found the girls at Busy Bee Critter Sitters. Not only were they fun and friendly, but they were knowledgeable in dealing with my boisterously high-strung boy Tyson. As an adult rescue, he has some behaviours we've been working on, but these girls were able to walk him without a problem, and he loved them for it. I never worried once when he was in their hands. If I end up back in Guelph, I will be calling Busy Bee right away!”


Mus & Gang
“I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Busy Bee Critter Sitters! I am usually a very worried pet-mommy when I have to travel, but they alleviate most of my stress whenever they watch my animals! They have always been available when I need them, send me emails/pictures to give me daily updates, always leave my apartment exactly as they found it,  and I can tell they truly love taking care of my pets. They run a very professional business, and I recommend them highly!”


Fender & Peete
“I can always rely on Busy Bee to provide Fender with an exciting outing! Even my last minute requests are responded and catered to! Sometimes I am not always aware of what my day will bring, and on those days when I suddenly cannot get home at lunch to walk Fender, Busy Bee has always come to my rescue! I know that Fender will be cared for, and he even recognizes his walkers! I've got six favourite contacts on my phone, Busy Bee is one of them!”


Roncy, Meushee & Wrangler
“As new residents to the area, we were in need of a reliable service to help care for our dogs & cat when we were unable to. I did a google search and started to scout out potential services. Nina of Busy Bee Critter Sitters came to our house and I was impressed at how thorough her initial visit was, I knew she had all of the information & passion needed to take care of my fur family just as well as if it was me, myself. Whether I need someone to walk the dogs on long busy days, feed & cuddle the cat while we’re aware or stay overnight with the dogs when we can’t take them with us – I know Busy Bee is just a quick e-mail or call away. Receiving a message & picture of my pets while I’m away reassures me – and always makes me smile. It’s not always possible to have friends & family fill in to help care for our pets – so Busy Bee has become our go-to for the best care possible to fill in when we can’t. I highly recommend anyone looking for these services to check them out, your peace of mind will be worth it.”


“The BBCS team is wonderful!  They send picture updates for every walk my dog goes on.  Myles gets to meet a lot of new dogs, even Corgis!  I know I can count on the BBCS team to take care of my dog when I'm away.  Their service goes past walking to taking care of them too.  One time Myles had to use the facilities.  and did it on the carpet.  But one of the members of the BBCS team kindly cleaned it up.  I would give BBCS a 10 out of 10!  ”

Roy & Michael

Hudson & Jasmine
“With being a single professional who works a variable shift work schedule,I am extremely thankful for the Busy Bee Critter Sitter's team who look after my two very energetic youthful dogs. I let team know this every time they come to look after Hudson and Jasmine in the updating notes I leave for them. They in kind return with a note letting me know what these two little monkeys have been up too. It is mostly good but when accidents do happen or when one of the kids gets a little too rowdy and get into things that they shouldn't the girls are great in solving/cleaning up the problem. The girls who come in and walk the dogs throughout the day I am away are very energetic and compassionate about the wellbeing of my dogs. They even work with some of the dogs bad habits or should I say mine. One thing that I really notice is that the girls who walk my dogs do keep in touch with the other girls who would be walking my dogs that day. This is a great team work quality. So to the team; Alyssa, Melanie and Courtney, thank you! Yes, Hudson and Jasmine really enjoy the girls company as well and they thank you but you girls know that. :)”