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What have our customers to say about us…
Scooter & Jasper
“We have been customers of Busy Bee for a number of years, and we have never spent a single moment worrying about our cats while Nina and Eleanor were pet sitting for us. They are dependable, efficient, and thorough (they brush our cats’ teeth when I can’t be there to do it!); they are true animal lovers, and it shows in the care they take. We love that they email us updates with pictures every day we are away so that we know our cats are happy and healthy! We give Busy Bee a solid 5 stars out of 5.”

Tim & April

“I think BBCS is great. Always willing to fit me in some times at the last minute and Katie loves her walks. I recommend them highly. ”


Sam & Busy
“We couldn’t be happier with the service that Busy Bee provides! Whenever we have to go away – whether it be for a day or two over the weekend or for a week long vacation, we are confident that our pets will be in great hands with Busy Bee. The updates that they send after each visit put our minds at ease about our pets’ wellbeing in our absence, and our animals are always in good spirits when we return. Even Sam, who is a rescue and sometimes has difficulty with new people, loves his Busy Bee visits. We highly recommend their services!”


“I always feel extremely comfortable leaving Clemy in the care of Busy Bee Critter Sitters. It is so nice to come home to find Clemy her usual self, relaxed and happy. Nina, Eleanor and staff are professional and caring - I would highly recommended their services to others.”


“I've been using busy bee critter service for a couple years now to look after my German shepherd Molly Montana. I've used the walking service, group dog walks, and even the house sitting/ overnight service. I only have positive things to say about busy bee critter sitters. They take care of Molly when I need them the most. For a guy who goes away for work often I'm never worried when I walk out the door that my dog is going to be walked, fed and given water, and given attention. Busy bee accommodates my busy schedule on the go and I wouldn't know who to call for the services they provide if they weren't around. I'm sure I could find an alternative but not one I could depend on with peace of mind to look after your house and more importantly your pet or in my case a part of your family. I highly recommend busy bee for any service they provide. Thanks again for looking after Molly ”


“Robbie, my dog loves Busy Bee Critters and so do I!  I know when I head out of town, and Robbie stays home,  the dog walkers at Busy Bee Critter Sitters will spend quality time with Robbie on her walks. Robbie sometimes  gets cuddle time after her walks, to get the burrs out of her fur!  They always go the extra mile!  And I know when I'm away, the photo and texts keep me informed what Robbie has been up to!  I know Robbie is in great hands with Busy Bee Critter Sitter whenever I head out of town!”


“Busy Bee has been a lifesaver!! Our pet mini pig can be aggressive towards guests and we had difficulty finding someone to visit her….until we found out about Busy Bee! We are so fortunate to have found Busy Bee, and we would recommend their services to everyone!! Our piggy is always well taken care of!!”


“I was so lucky to have found the girls at Busy Bee Critter Sitters. Not only were they fun and friendly, but they were knowledgeable in dealing with my boisterously high-strung boy Tyson. As an adult rescue, he has some behaviours we've been working on, but these girls were able to walk him without a problem, and he loved them for it. I never worried once when he was in their hands. If I end up back in Guelph, I will be calling Busy Bee right away!”


Shadow, Emily & Benjamin
“For many years we had a wonderful pet sitter -- we wouldn't leave our cats with anyone else. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to continue pet sitting and so, we began looking for someone to look after our cats when we were away. We went through several pet sitters, and missed the great care that our previous pet sitter had given to our cats. That is, of course, until we found Nina and Eleanor and their wonderful team! Eleanor's and Melanie's care matches that of our previous pet sitter - kind, loving, thorough, and dependable. We love the photos that they send us when we are away. I would recommend Busy Bee to anyone who wants peace of mind that their pets are being well cared for while they are away, either for a short while or for longer holidays away. They offer a wonderful service with kindness and compassion for the furry members of our family. Thank you so much!”


Pippa & Avery
“Many thanks to the Busy Bee Critter Sitters crew for taking such very good care of my cats when I am away. I have complete confidence in Nina and Eleanor and the other sitters. I came to Guelph a few years ago with a geriatric cat (Geordi, who is now gone) whose care I worried about. Finding Busy Bee was an amazing relief. They offered Geordi impeccable care and support and he always seemed to be completely comfortable and stress free during the times I was away. I now have two younger, healthy cats (Avery and Pippa) who also enjoy Busy Bee care. I had to spend an unexpected three-month block of time away from the girls and I always knew they would be well looked-after, loved, cuddled and entertained while I was gone. Busy Bee was flexible and accommodating of my uncertain schedule, picked up additional supplies when needed and provided me with complete peace of mind about how things were going at home. One of the most amazing and innovative services they provide is a picture and update at every visit. It is very reassuring to see (twice a day!) how the pets are doing. Nina and Eleanor also take care of the house plants, mail and general household things that go way above and beyond pet care. I feel very fortunate to have found Busy Bee and I have recommended them to friends who now also use their services. Pippa, Avery and I look forward to our continued great relationship with Busy Bee!”


Mus & Gang
“I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Busy Bee Critter Sitters! I am usually a very worried pet-mommy when I have to travel, but they alleviate most of my stress whenever they watch my animals! They have always been available when I need them, send me emails/pictures to give me daily updates, always leave my apartment exactly as they found it,  and I can tell they truly love taking care of my pets. They run a very professional business, and I recommend them highly!”


Sheldon & Marshall
“It is so nice to have such peace of mind when we are out of town. We know that our little buddies will be very well looked after thanks to Busy Bee. Nina, Eleanor and the team are very professional, prompt, and have such a love for our furry friends! We love the text updates and photos they send! We absolutely recommend their services to anyone who wants to make sure their 4 legged family members are looked after when away from home. Thanks Busy Bee! ”


“From the beginning, dealing with Eleanor was a pleasure--she was very professional and caring, and took the time to find out exactly what our Soda's needs were. We loved the daily pictures and updates, and it was a huge comfort knowing that Soda was being cared for, played with, and cuddled by someone who truly loves animals. Eleanor even took the time to redistribute his toys throughout our house so that he could have fun hunting for them after she left! We are so happy to have found Busy Bee--we can't recommend them enough!”


Tiny Tim & Dickens
“When I go away for a few days and have the Busy Bee gang look after my two cats, I always know my little guys are well taken care of.  I know they will get the attention they need as well as the care they need.  One thing I love about Busy Bee is the daily pictures and updates they send me via email while I am away.  I so look forward to it everyday.  They do an amazing job and everytime I come home my mail has been brought in and more importantly my cats are happy and content and not mad at me 🙂 I highly recommend Busy Bee Critter Sitters, they have handled any situation my cats have had such as upset stomachs, and needing to take medications with ease.”


“I am very fortunate to have found out about Busy Bee Critter Sitters upon moving to Fergus a year ago.  The staff are wonderful.  They are very good with my cat, Falstaff, to the extent that upon my return from a trip it seems that he expects me to maintain the high level of attention and play provided by Busy Bee!  Also, I arrive home to find the house in great shape, with the mail brought in and ready for me on the dining room table.  I trust Busy Bee completely, which is a great feeling.”


“It's been great to have Busy Bee come to look after Wilbur when we go away for a few days - much better and more affordable than "kitty-condo". He's much happier being in his own place and having someone come to play with him! And it's comforting for us to get the email update and picture when they visit.”


Fender & Peete
“I can always rely on Busy Bee to provide Fender with an exciting outing! Even my last minute requests are responded and catered to! Sometimes I am not always aware of what my day will bring, and on those days when I suddenly cannot get home at lunch to walk Fender, Busy Bee has always come to my rescue! I know that Fender will be cared for, and he even recognizes his walkers! I've got six favourite contacts on my phone, Busy Bee is one of them!”


Roncy, Meushee & Wrangler
“As new residents to the area, we were in need of a reliable service to help care for our dogs & cat when we were unable to. I did a google search and started to scout out potential services. Nina of Busy Bee Critter Sitters came to our house and I was impressed at how thorough her initial visit was, I knew she had all of the information & passion needed to take care of my fur family just as well as if it was me, myself. Whether I need someone to walk the dogs on long busy days, feed & cuddle the cat while we’re aware or stay overnight with the dogs when we can’t take them with us – I know Busy Bee is just a quick e-mail or call away. Receiving a message & picture of my pets while I’m away reassures me – and always makes me smile. It’s not always possible to have friends & family fill in to help care for our pets – so Busy Bee has become our go-to for the best care possible to fill in when we can’t. I highly recommend anyone looking for these services to check them out, your peace of mind will be worth it.”


“The BBCS team is wonderful!  They send picture updates for every walk my dog goes on.  Myles gets to meet a lot of new dogs, even Corgis!  I know I can count on the BBCS team to take care of my dog when I'm away.  Their service goes past walking to taking care of them too.  One time Myles had to use the facilities.  and did it on the carpet.  But one of the members of the BBCS team kindly cleaned it up.  I would give BBCS a 10 out of 10!  ”

Roy & Michael

Hudson & Jasmine
“With being a single professional who works a variable shift work schedule,I am extremely thankful for the Busy Bee Critter Sitter's team who look after my two very energetic youthful dogs. I let team know this every time they come to look after Hudson and Jasmine in the updating notes I leave for them. They in kind return with a note letting me know what these two little monkeys have been up too. It is mostly good but when accidents do happen or when one of the kids gets a little too rowdy and get into things that they shouldn't the girls are great in solving/cleaning up the problem. The girls who come in and walk the dogs throughout the day I am away are very energetic and compassionate about the wellbeing of my dogs. They even work with some of the dogs bad habits or should I say mine. One thing that I really notice is that the girls who walk my dogs do keep in touch with the other girls who would be walking my dogs that day. This is a great team work quality. So to the team; Alyssa, Melanie and Courtney, thank you! Yes, Hudson and Jasmine really enjoy the girls company as well and they thank you but you girls know that. :)”


Sam & Cooper
“I work a variety of 12-hour shifts and I was looking for someone to walk my Great Dane when I work day shifts. Busy Bee staff came to my home and met Sam, and helped me decide which services would best suit him. Since then, Sam has thoroughly enjoyed his long, off-leash walks with his pals when I am at work all day. We recently added to our family with a German Shepherd puppy. Once again, Busy Bee staff worked with me (and Sam!) to ensure that little Cooper integrated into our routine as seamlessly as a puppy can, adapting walking/playing services to best suit Cooper's needs. It's clear that Busy Bee staff care for each dog as they would their own, and make every effort to keep training consistent. I would highly recommend their services!”


“Busybee is the best. I totally trust them with our dog. You can tell the difference in his behaviour when he gets his playtime with his friends. I recommend "Busy bee critter sitters " to anyone that has a pet they love.”


“I highly recommend Busy Bee Critter Sitters. As a student veterinarian at the OVC, I have been fortunate to find and access their services for my newest puppy, Forbes. He loves the midday walks/runs and requires this attention to exercise both his body and his mind! Forbes enjoys lots of attention and socialization with the other dogs and people he meets during his adventures with the qualified and professional pet care specialists. I am very grateful for the awesome service that we have received. Thank you!”


“We began using Busy Bee Critter Sitter in July 2013, and could not be happier! Our puppy Howie is a St. Bernard, Bull Mastiff cross (weighing in at 100 lb at 8 months!) but the staff at Busy Bees were not at all put off by his size, and have been so patient with him while he adjusts to his quick size growth and discovers the world around him. We love the photo updates we get of their visit- its a real treat to get mid day while you are at work, and Howie always looks so happy and content in the photos. We can not say enough good things about Busy Bee Critter Sitters and the level of care they provide for our pet. We would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to know their pet is in good hands!”


Sadie & Tucker
“We are so blessed to have found Busy Bee's team to walk our dogs daily. We have had them just over a year, and they are wonderful! Nina, Eleanor and their team treat our dogs as they would their own. We love the daily notes to let us know what the pups are up to, how their days were, who they met and of course if there are any concerns or questions. If we ever have questions or special requests, they're always so fast to get back to us. Any time they add a new team member, we get an introduction and it's always a seamless transition. The biggest fear for anyone is trust. This is a team of strangers you let into your home and as many do-we consider our dogs family (kids) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this team to anyone. They are professional and caring and love what they do-- and it shows! I actually recently needed to make an unexpected trip home one day and got there just before our walker got there. Usually my little Wheaton is my 'shadow' and follows me everywhere, but she was super excited to see the dog walker come to the door and was jumping and excited to go with them. What a great comfort that is to know when you're not there to see, that our dogs love these guys! Thanks so much Busy Bees for all you do!”


“I have been using Busy Bee for 2 years now because when they walk my dog I know that he will come home tired and happy. It's nice knowing that my dog is socializing with other dogs, and that he gets to walk in a pack format. I also appreciate that they send me a short text and picture with an update on how much fun the walk was and which trail they explored! I like knowing that my dog gets a balanced walk with an experienced leader that has just as much fun as he does.”


“I am so happy to have found Busy Bee Critter Sitters.  They are organized, trustworthy and dependable – and they truly care about the animals that they visit! Charlie always looks so happy in the picture updates. It warms my heart to see that he is getting so much attention (and training!) while I am away at work. I can rest assured that after a walk or play group he will go home content and tired - and therefore well behaved!!”


“Scooby Doo is our first family dog, and he's very special to us. Right away he felt comfortable with his walkers, and they did a great job teaching him to walk properly on his leash, and introducing him to his buddies in group walks. He's a great dog, thanks Busy Bee folks (Jo, Eleanor, and Nina) and your pups!! We are away all day at work, and he is a happy pup when we get home!”


Emma & Abby
“I can't think of enough words to say how professional and caring all the ladies at Busy Bee Critter Sitters are! Nina, Eleanor and Jo took excellent care of our 2 cats over the July long weekend, so my husband and I could take some much needed time away. Our oldest cat, Emma, requires medication 3 times a day. It was so comforting knowing that Busy Bee was there to administer her medication, and to give some TLC to both Emma and Abby. The pictures sent from each visit were very reassuring, to know that everything was OK, and that the girls were doing fine while we were gone. They even watered our plants outside for us, which was appreciated as well. You ladies are awesome!”

Shawn & Kerry

“I was a little stressed trying to find care for Cooper before I had to leave town. Busy Bee Critter Sitters came to my rescue! What a wonderful service! I can't say enough about the warm and caring staff who took such good care of my boy! The daily updates allowed me to do what I had to do while away with no worries about what was happening at home. Thanks soooo much!”


“BusyBee has been such a godsend in our lives with Freddie. The sitters are reliable, obviously care about the animals and interested enough to give us training updates along with a daily picture to ease our minds that he has indeed had a fun run in the middle of the day. As well, when stuck with an overnight, BusyBee came to the rescue and arranged for one of their staff to petsit. I find Nina and Eleanor to be well organized, efficient and great with my dog. Thank you.”


“The team at Busybee Critter Sitters have been looking after our cat Nemo, whenever we are away. Nina, Eleanor and their team provide prompt replies to our inquires, and are always reliable. Nemo needs extra TLC due to diabetes, and this is always addressed professionally. He is the picture of health when we return. Additionally, we love getting the pictures and updates while we are gone. Thank you, thank you for the compassionate and loving care that you give to our "Fluffy Boy".”


“Going away for a 4-day long weekend seemed like such a long time to be leaving my cat alone. However, I felt totally at ease knowing that Busy Bee Critter Sitters were visiting her twice a day and sending me great updates and photos along the way. I would definitely use their cat-sitting services again!”


“My dog Harry is a rescue dog and as a result he has behavioural problems that can be, at times, hard to handle. It is such a relief that Nina can walk him and I don't have to worry when she takes him out."”


“I hired Busy Bee Critter Sitters to look after my 8-year-old cat "Nomie" while I was away for 8 days.  I can't say enough good things about the experience.  Not only was "Nomie" looked after (including playtime, feeding, etc.), but my plants were watered, and the mail and newspapers were taken in.  The best part of all was the daily photograph!  This was unique in my experience.  And the rates were very reasonable.  Thanks, Nina!”


“We have been using Busy Bee Critter Sitters for several months and they have been so patient and warmly dedicated to our boy Malcolm - a gentle giant of a Leonberger who is just over a year old.  They are completely professional - always on time and send updates and photos on each walk with him.  It is a pleasure to readily recommend them to anyone looking for reliable, friendly professionals who really take great care of your pet!”

Rosemary & Rob

“Busy Bee CritSit is a great resource!  My dog is older and doesn't see very well, so having her stay in the comfort of her own home is so much easier for her - she is always so relaxed when I return.  The caregivers are excellent and the updates during their visits make it easy to stay in touch. I have already recommended Crit Sit to friends.”


“Nina has been an incredible help! I have a young rescue dog, so he has a few quirks that can get him into trouble. I know that with Nina he is in capable hands, and with someone he loves and trusts. I've been working to improve his training and Nina has really gone the extra mile by giving me updates on areas that need improvement. The photos and updates are a great part of the service, and really added to my peace of mind leaving Floyd home alone. I cannot recommend Busy Bee highly enough!”


“I was going on vacation, and had never left Chico,  and I knew he would not do well in a Kennel. So with the help of Nina & Eleanor and staff, Chico was able to stay at home, which made us both very happy.”


Buttermilk, Chip & Kerpunky
“We have used Busy Bee Critter Sitters a few times now and could not be happier with the care provided to our three cats. One of our cats is diabetic and needs an insulin injection every 12 hours but we are not worried at all when we're away. Nina and Eleanor are competent, professional, and provide genuine care for our guys - there's always lots of cuddling and playtime! The daily emails are great and keep us updated on all the shenanigans!”

Jason & Linda

“My husband and I were thrilled to be referred to Nina at Busy Bee Critter Sitters when we realized we'd need someone to break up a long day alone for our new rescue dog Bailey while I am travelling out of town for work.  The rates are very reasonable and the group walk service she provides is an absolute dream. Now when I'm out of town and my husband is commuting to a long work day, we can both rest assured that Bailey is having a blast at lunchtime without us. It's not just a chance to stretch his legs and have a pee, but to interact with Nina and her team (who give him LOTS of love!) as well as with other dogs, which helps with his further socialization and ensures a great workout and a happy, tired pooch for us to come home to.  We will look forward to continuing to rely on Busy Bee over the summer months, and I'm sure Bailey is just as happy about that as we are!”


Molly & Gizmo
“Having a senior Golden Retriever, and a "special needs" Chihuahua in the family adds an extra element of stress to planning vacations. I discovered Busy Bee Critter Sitters on-line and decided a 3-day weekend would be a good trial. Not too long for me to worry, but long enough to say I'd given it an honest try. After receiving the first picture, I relaxed. Molly (like most Goldens) looked as though she was on holiday herself, but what really struck me was the fact that Gizmo - although keeping his distance - looked relaxed. Having had a rough start in life, Gizmo is very attached to his family and very afraid of strangers. It was clear by his demeanor in pictures that he was not fearful at all, and by the end of the 3 days he was looking happy and confident. I had no qualms at all about leaving my dogs in the care of Busy Bee Critter Sitters when I went on a long overdue week`s vacation. I came back to two very happy and well cared for "critters". My dogs are part of my family and I take their care seriously. I would not hesitate to enlist the help of Busy Bee Critter Sitters in that care, and heartily recommend them every chance I get.”


“Nina and Eleanor took care of our dog Kiesa through the Christmas holidays this year (2012).  I was nervous to leave her at home for five days because she had never been left alone for more than the workday before.  Nina and Eleanor sent pictures and an email about their walks together along the river.  The emails allowed me to relax and not worry about them, and the pictures gave me a smile.  They also took care of our cat Ray at the same time - letting her in and out; making sure that she was fed and hydrated!  When we got home we could see that Kiesa was a happy girl, and Ray was too.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Kiesa got longer walks than we had signed her up for!  We'll definitely use their service again when we are out of town.  Thanks again!”


“We feel so fortunate to have found Busy Bee - a group of terrific people we trust and who take wonderful care of Charlie. And Charlie LOVES his Busy Bee walks; he is always excited to see them and to play with his new doggy friends he meets on group walks. We receive great pictures daily of Charlie having fun - we've even framed one! Busy Bee is professional and flexible and we always come home to happy dog.”

Amy & Matt

Rusty & Zoey
“We hired Nina to take our two senior dogs out for daily walks so we didn't have to worry about them during the day.  We needed someone flexible to work within our schedules and who understands how to deal with older dogs.  Nina has been very reliable and communicates daily on how the walk went – I even find myself looking forward to the pictures at the same time every day!  We now come home to two dogs that are happy to see us, but much more relaxed – making our evenings feel less rushed”


Ollie & Izzy
“We were extremely grateful to have Nina looking after our cats , Ollie and Izzy, while we were away. One of our cats had been very recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, and we had been very anxious about leaving them at such a tricky time. Many people might be overwhelmed by the situation and responsibility, but Nina provided extremely thorough care and love to them. She also provided us with lots of helpful updates to put our minds at ease. Our cats were extremely happy with their experience, as were we!"”

Ruth & Scott

“We never see Woodruff more excited than when it's time for his weekly walks with Nina and the crew. That's certainly a testament to the skill and care shown by Nina and all the Busy Bee Sitter Critters he's met.”


“We are so lucky to have found Busy Bee Critter Sitters. Nina and Eleanor are fantastic with accommodating our schedules, including the occasional last-minute request.  They're great with our dog Chewy - just the right mix of affection and discipline! - and he absolutely adores them.  We would highly recommend Busy Bee Critter Sitters!”


“Nina and Eleanor and their team at Busybeecritsit are wonderfully enthusiastic, reliable and competent. I always feel that Louie is in great hands with them and especially appreciate getting their email updates and pics after each walk.”


“My dog Weezy needs a lot of exercise so skipping his morning walk is not an option! When I'm unavailable, one of the lovely girls at Busy Bee is able to come by (even on short notice) to walk him. I've been so happy with the great service we've received. When I get an email update and a picture of Weezy I can relax knowing that he's getting the exercise he needs”


George & Iris
“During a challenging personal time, Busy Bee Critter Sitters provided my two beloved cats, George and Iris, with such warm and personalized care that I was able to relax knowing my "kids" were in good hands.  Being able to keep my cats in their home environment helped to reduce their level of stress, and having the team from Busy Bee Critter Sitters come in daily to care for them was a relief and comfort for me.  Eleanor and Nina went above and beyond, really getting to know my cats, their personalities and "quirks" 🙂  and provided such personalized care and affection to them.  I highly recommend the services from Busy Bee Critter Sitters, and I know I will be using their services in the future!!!”


Epsi & Suzie
“It's wonderful to know that we can count on Busy Bee when we go away. It's reassuring to know that Eleanor or Nina will be there every day feeding them, checking in on them, and sending us a photo and an update. I had underestimated how much fun those updates were going to be. It's a wonderful thing to look forward to every day! I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have looking after my kitties when I go away. Definitely great folks to have around! :)”


“Like many I'm sure, I'm a little overprotective of my pooch, Roxy. Luckily a friend recommended Busy Bee Critter Sitters to me. I am completely at ease leaving Roxy in their care. I know she's well looked after, and I love the picture updates. I can depend on personal care and attention for Rox by people who so obviously love what they do. And Rox always looks happy as ever in her pictures, so I know she appreciates it too. Excellent service, excellent people. Thanks Busy Bee!”


“I am beyond happy with the service I am getting from Busy Bee Critter Sitters!  I cannot stop gushing to my friends and family about how comfortable I am with everyone who walks Faith and how much I look forward to my text messages and updates each day.  I also take comfort in knowing that if there any worries or concerns about Faith, someone will let me know immediately.  I love it when I come home and I can tell that Faith has had a fun walk, because she is bouncing around more than usual! ”


“I was very nervous when I had to leave my cats for several days, especially as one of my cats, Jip, had a badly broken leg. When I found Busy Bee, I was so happy that there was someone I could rely on to give him his medication and monitor his health with the least amount of stress. She understood his and my other cat Binja's individual needs and I came home to very content animals. I found Nina Poletti to be a competent and caring cat sitter, showing the skills, abilities and aptitude required to look after someone's loved pets. I felt completely reassured that my two cats would be safe and loved under her care.”